The Daily Elevation Of Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg, co-CEO of JustFab Inc, made a guest appearance on CNBC to offer his insights on his online fashion retailers re-branding for their online platform. He claimed that JustFab made a substantial amount of improvements. Adam even mentioned a potential company name change. A V.I.P membership program now exists and offers costumers’ retail items a discounted rate. Adam Goldenberg spoke optimistically about the continuity of his company for their dedication to the authenticity of their brand. Goldenberg indubitably believes that “different” is better. Built In LA, during an interview with Goldenberg wrote, “In 2013 alone, JustFab raised $55 million in funding and also acquired shoe discovery service ShoeDazzle. JustFab’s own celebrity stylist membership program is currently used in five countries outside of the US and is constantly expanding its offerings with new launches such as athletic brand Fabletics.” Within the last few quarters, JustFab changed their company name to TechStyle. Read mOre: TechStyle’s data-driven fashion 3 LA CEOs you need to know now: Adam Goldenberg, JustFab Goldenberg made a remark about the change in names claiming that you have to label your brand with the name that suits what you truly are. He was feeling elated about the name JustFab, and talked it over with his team. In regard to being a unicorn company, or a company that has an evaluation over $1 Billion, Adam hopes to continue with making as much progress as possible. Even with impressive numbers, he must stay focused on what right in front of […]

BICSI Certifies 11 Field Service Specialists From Securus Technologies

Eleven field Specialists from Securus Technologies have received the internationally recognized Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) Installer 1 certification. Late last month, the provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions made this information known to the public. I believe that the certifications are a bold statement on the quality of staff that serves clients at Securus Technologies. It also shows the tremendous efforts that the company has undertaken in its recruitment and training method to ensure that it has the best staff in the market. It is my view that these certifications are a clear indication of the company’s commitment to providing clients with innovative services. The certifications mean that Securus Technologies’ employees have outstanding skills considering that they can design, install, manage and maintain ICT projects, These projects can be spaces, pathways, wireless systems, or copper and optic-fiber-based. BICSI has more than 23,000 members that the organization serves through conferences, credentials, training and publications. It is recognized in over 100 countries. This information was originally mentioned on PRNewswire. According to Danny de Hoyos, Securus Technologies’ senior vice president, the above characteristics have made the company rely on BICSI to train its staff. With the vigorous training provided by the body, graduates are thoroughly skilled in a wide range of areas. It is my sincere hope that these individuals will be able to satisfy the ever-growing requirements and standards in the information technology industry. Most of the certified specialists have been in the company for the last 15 […]

The Midas Legacy for Better Wealth Management

Managing your wealth can be a lot more difficult than you might think. Whether you make a lot of money each year or you make a very small amount, it is very important that you manage your finances so that you do not fall behind. This is why a lot of people are choosing to hire the Midas Legacy company for their own needs. The Midas Legacy has been a company that has been in business for several years now and continues to be one of the top wealth management firms in the country. What are the benefits to working with the Midas Legacy is that they have a lot of experience behind them and can truly transform the way you feel about management. You will also find that hiring them does not have to be an overly expensive task so that it can fit easily into the budget you are able to afford. This not only helps to get this type of work done but it can also benefit you when it comes to your wealth management and helping to budget more easily. The Midas Legacy is one of the best companies for you to choose for yourself and can totally transform the way you feel about your finances. If you would like to learn more about the Midas Legacy and what it can do for you, it is about time that you visited the website to learn as much as possible. Once you know how beneficial the Midas […]

Who is Benifittng from Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is an app that is taking class rooms globally by storm. Though Liam Don and Sam Chaunhary launched this phenomenon in 2011, parents such as myself are just now experiencing this innovation. Many people will continue to benefit from Class Dojo. Not only through the app but through social media sources like Facebook and Twitter. Over two-thirds of teachers in America are taking advantage of this app. It is providing educators from kindergarten to the eight grade with the convenience to communicate with parents and faculty between conferences. Any reminders for meetings and special events can come through this app rather than depending on a letter to make it home successfully or your child even remembering to pass along the memo. Teachers are continuing to make education fun and inconstant for kids. Dojo is a parents window into their child’s education. They can tune in and chime in with features such as “Stories” and “Messages”. Parents are able to like posts and comment right away from where ever they are. Along side an academic stand point, it is so heartwarming to see fun pictures of your little one’s development and interaction with the class here and there. We tend to ignore the hundreds of alerts coming through our phones daily. I love that Dojo provides notifications through the app to your email as well. Not to mention how easy and user friendly this app is to use for all guardians. Even the grandparents and any other permitted persons […]

Do You Suffer from Sleep Apnea? Maybe Doctor Avi Weisfogel Can Help

How have you been sleeping lately? Do you wake up frequently? Perhaps, you have sleep apnea. Learn why Doctor Avi Weisfogel’s “Dental Sleep Masters” could be of assistance. “Can’t Fall Asleep” It can be extremely frustrating when you try to sleep after a long day, and can’t. Your body is tired and you know that you might not have a lot of time to rest. Unfortunately, you just lay down in bed, close your eyes and nothing! The more time you can’t sleep, the more frustrated you become. As you become increasingly stressed, your muscles tense up and it can be even more difficult to sleep. If your nasal, mouth and throat muscles start to constrict, you might have problems breathing – this could be a sign that you struggle from “sleep apnea.” “Sleep Apnea Dental Devices” According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), “sleep apnea is a disorder of interrupted breathing during sleep.” It could be caused by “fat buildup or loss of muscle tone with aging.” During one of these episodes, the victim’s windpipe might partially collapse or become obstructed, causing air flow blockage for “10 seconds to a minute.” “An estimated 18 million Americans have sleep apnea.” This can lead to headaches, irritability, depression, high blood pressure, heart attacks and stroke. “Patients with severe, untreated sleep apnea are two to three times more likely to have automobile accidents than the general population.” “Keep Air Passages Open” Doctor Avi Weisfogel’s “Dental Sleep Masters” are working to educate […]

Jose Gonzalez Is One Venezuelan Politician Not On the Take

Venezuela has had some challenges lately. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is the National Assemblyman who has been working hard to resolve many of the most pressing issues. He does this for the good of all the good citizens of the great South American country. He is weary with the many half-baked, so called “band-aid” projects, which never seem to accomplish any real good for the people. Jose Manuel Gonzalez makes connections with people from all over the land. When people get to know him, they know their government’s future has more promise. Gonzalez is a practical man with a great deal of experience in governing. In his opinion, the problems in Venezuela came from an overly optimistic populist movement. The movement resulted in a dysfunctional government, because the new left’s politicians had no concept of how to actually get things done. He called the law made to force a minimum wage increase a ‘pipe dream,’ because there was no economic support to ever make it feasible. His strong stands for justice and fairness in business have made him a member of good standing in Venezuela’s federal National Assembly. His reputation shines on for countless Venezuelans who hold him in high regard. After many years of managing the country’s agricultural sector, and operating his own export business, Gonzalez finally became interested in politics. His many friends had been telling him for years that he was a wise business person who the country needed as a leader and guide. Because of the lack […]

Seattle Genetics Has The Right Solution For Your Healthcare Needs

There are thousands of people each year that are looking for a medical solution to chronic pain and genetic diseases. There is one company that has been proudly serving the health benefits of the community for years. Seattle Genetics is spearheaded by Clay Siegall. He proudly services on the board of Ultragenyx and is the Executive Director as well. They are a widely respected pharmaceutical company that works with individuals suffering from chronic pain. They offer medical opportunities for individuals that are suffering from genetic diseases. Many people don’t know where to turn when they are suffering for a rare disease and need a specialist. Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Clay B. Siegall on Q2 2016 Results – Earnings Call Transcript They are widely respected in the medical community and are receiving contributions every day to contribute to the research associated with making technological breakthroughs for people that are suffering from chronic pain and hereditary diseases. You can donate to Seattle Genetics by visiting their website for more details. Your contributions continue to save thousands of lives and technological advances in drug therapy has helped millions of people live a productive lifestyle without the threat of being turned away because their disease is to rare or there is no scientific research studies being done on your illnesses. Clay Siegall is committed to meeting the medical needs of thousands of people that need affordable care for serious illnesses and diseases. They have built an intense portfolio of advanced candidates that are ready to […]

Securus Proudly Regulates The Services Provided By Major Inmate Services

Securus has all the qualifications to meet the specifications of federal regulations. Inmate calls must go through the proper surveillance and monitoring. When inmates have the proper telephone communications their families can assist in meeting their needs. Securus works closely with the Public Utility Commission to ensure ethics policies and regulations are met with high standards. Your calls are allotted the full amount of time that has been contracted to your account. In fact, Securus has teamed up with Vimeo to provide you with video chat features that is guaranteed to save customers time and valuable money in their wallet. Providers Regulated By Securus Global Tel-Link Global Tel-Link is the largest correctional facility communications provider in the nation. They are quickly trying to grow to a global industry that provides quality calls all over the world. Ironically, there are over 2.5 million calls processed each year serving thousands of inmates and their families. Inmates have access through a prepaid commissary account. After one complimentary call from an inmate family members can then set up an Advanced Pay account. This type of account lets you talk when you want and save real money. IC Solutions IC Solutions is proudly regulated by Securus and has created innovative new techniques with a recent team up with video giant Vimeo. Securus now offers video chat features that will allow you to talk to your loved ones face-to-face. Video chatting first became popular in the courtroom to minimize the cost of transporting an inmate to […]

These Investing Tips May Just Change Your Whole Outlook

Investing in the stock market is often made out to be something that is very complicated. There are some individuals who benefit from maintaining the idea that the markets are overly complicated. In reality, just about anyone can figure it out if they are willing to put a little time and effort into it. One person leading the crusade to help average people with their investments is a man known as Brad Reifler. He is the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, and he has some advice for those who feel like they have been left behind. He wants them to work with him to improve their investment outcomes, and to look at what their goals for investing are in the first place. He first recommends that you do not put all of your money into the stock market, let alone putting it all with one individual. There are a lot of money managers out there, and while most of them have your best interest at heart, there is no question that some of the characters out there should be avoided at all costs. Your retirement savings are important to protect, and to do so you must consider that magic word “diversification”. This simply means spreading your money around a variety of different types of investments in order to increase the safety of your overall portfolio. It is a strategy used by practically everyone who has ever made a living for themselves through investing. You do not want to stack […]

George Soros Explains Situation in Ukraine

George Soros, the Chairman of Soros Fund Management and of the Open Society Foundations, has written and spoken extensively about the political situation in Ukraine and the need for debt relief. In fact, given George Soros Ukraine heavy involvement in Ukraine through his charitable foundations and investment activities, he crafted what he calls a “winning strategy” targeted at European leaders in preventing an absolute crisis in Ukraine. At the core of Soros’ strategy for keeping Ukraine from becoming a failed state is a call for the European Union (EU) to do more than simply levy sanctions against Russia and offer a modest contribution to the economic bailout of Ukraine through the International Monetary Fund. Rather, Soros thinks that the EU should seize upon this opportunity to bolster its defenses against Putin’s Russia and offer more generous financial assistance to Ukraine so that the country can become completely stable. In support of his strategy for aiding Ukraine, Soros points to the example of Greece and warns that the EU should react differently than how it failed to adequately assist Greece in its financial predicament. George Soros Ukraine contends that the EU has a rare opportunity to transform the European political landscape by making sure that the new Ukraine is able to defend itself against Russia and flourish as a sovereign state. In essence, if the EU can help maintain stability and long term economic growth in Ukraine, then it will have a significant barrier against overreaching by Russia. In addition, through […]