Discover New Levels Of Growth With Bob Reina’s Latest Information

Bob Reina is a leading marketing professional in the world of video advertising that knows how to create results and build businesses from the ground up. His work in the world of video advertising has brought him to the top level of being a contributor for the Huffington Post, alongside the fact that Reina has created and founded the powerful system, Talk Fusion.   What Is Talk Fusion?   Talk Fusion is the leading online video marketing service that brings the best video templates, designs, and overall features to help you craft the perfect video marketing for your brand. Branding and company development via video is the way to go because you can see growth and change. Talk Fusion constantly provides new ways for business owners to get their business heard and seen, not to mention improve overall business development for engaging current customers.   Discover New Levels Of Growth With His Latest Information   Bob Reina is working together with MarTech Advisor’s by providing a complete article on the best new methods and trends happening in the world of video marketing online. His article will be seen by the website’s 1.1 million subscribers, and they will bring together a complete list of new updates on how to be better at your videos. There are countless new trends to be aware of in this industry, and Reina is here to give insight on the ever-flowing developments to watch out for.   Talk Fusion is by far the best video solution […]

Eric Pulier: The Founder of SOA and A Generous Philanthropist

It may be easy to underestimate the achievements of Eric Pulier but he is much more than a Harvard Graduate. Pulier grew up in New Jersey and had an above average performance in school. By the time he was at fourth grade, Pulier would be able to program computers. While in high school he had managed to launch a database computer organization.     After joining Harvard, he used his editorial expertise to talk about a wide range of pertinent issues. It was due to his skills at writing that he became the editor of the college’s daily. After graduating in 1991, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream.     Eric’s Voluntary Contributions     Eric has funded numerous non-profit making companies. One of the organizations that have benefited from his generous contributions is Painted Turtle, a facility that cares for kids with chronic illnesses. Apart from funding the services of this center, Eric has availed himself for the children in an effort to ensure they enjoy their summer. Apart from Painted Turtle, Eric’s other philanthropic activities have led to his recognition as a person who appreciates the challenges in society, and makes efforts to help people surmount some of these obstacles.     Eric’s Investment Portfolio     Eric has founded and co-founded many companies; however, XPrize is among his most recognized startup. The firm is dedicated to helping teenagers and the youth who have dreams that are suppressed due to financial difficulties. Eric is also […]

How Stephen Rotella Prompted An Overhaul In The Insured Deposit Industry

Stephen J. Rotella serves as the current CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management LLC. The firm is a leading provider of insured cash solutions for some of the world’s greatest institutions and investors. It is registered with the SEC as an investment advisor and has financial backing from prolific partners such as CharlesBank Capital Partners and CIBC.   He received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Stony Brook University and went on to earn an MBA in Finance and Information Systems from the State University of New York at Albany.   He has more than thirty years of experience in financial leadership, specializing in mutual funds, marketing, asset management, organizational development, as well as internet and retail banking. This wealth of experience has enabled Stephen Rotella to work with several companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Chase Home Finance LLC, WMI Holdings Corporation, and the Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation.   StoneCastle Cash Management is under the principal ownership of StoneCastle Partners LLC, formed in 2003. In 2015, one of its subsidiaries; StoneCastle Insured Cash Sweep LLC, was involved in the acquisition of the business of Intermedium Financial LLC. This is a financial services firm that offers an investment bridge between FDIC-insured banks and their financial intermediaries through the use of software applications.   This business deal also included the InterLINK FinTech platform and other related assets. Stephen Rotella forwards that the acquisition will strengthen their position in the industry because it helps them to expand into other insured deposit markets. […]


Mike Baur is a prominent business proprietor and innovator. From the University of Rochester New York, he acquired an MBA before joining University of Berne for an executive MBA. He holds 20 years of extensive experience in the private banking sector where he worked for several companies including Clariden Leu and UBS. At UBS- a large Swiss private bank- he served as trainee making his way up to an executive board member. Later on, Mike left private sector banking and started investing in startups and in 2014 together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. Based in Zurich the company looks for prosperous digital entrepreneurs and provide opportunities for them by conducting a three month accelerator program that gives guidance and support for them to reach their dreams.     He currently serves as a managing the partner at the company. The company has grown to be a top class privately funded accelerator of ICT start ups in Switzerland. Confirming these sentiments, Mike is honored and proud of his team confirming that he has able leaders to support the cause of Swiss start up Factory. He confirms that the team has really played a tremendous role in the last two years and in the next fear years to come he hopes that the company with expand not only in Switzerland but all across the globe.     Previously, he has taken part in the jury as a member at a headfirst contest at the University of […]

The Multiple Angled Activism of Thor Halvorssen

Not many people can claim the peculiar distinction of being a world renowned political activist as well as a famous Hollywood producer – but Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is just one such person. For those who may not be familiar with the man, Thor Halvorssen is the son of the well known investigative journalist and television mogul Thor Halvorssen Hellum of Venezuelan. After Thor’s father was falsey imprisoned on trumped up charges and his mother shot (though, not fatally) the younger Halvorssen developed a burning desire to help those who lived in closeted and tyrannical countries such as Venezuela. Due his passion he created the now famous Human Rights Foundation which, as the name obviously implies, is a organization dedicated to championing the rights of people the world over, no matter the country and no matter their race, color and creed. The organization’s official public credo is, “To ensure that freedom is both preserved and promoted.” However, Mr. Halvorssen does not work exclusively within the world of but also produces films, namely, documentaries. His work in the world of documentary film production began in the 2000s when he executive produced several well received documentaries starting with the humorous and insightful, Hammer & Tickle, a historical movie portraying the way which the commoners of the Soviet Union utilized comedy and wit to subtly critic their political masters without their knowledge. However, Thor really shot to notoriety for his film work a year after Hammer & Tickle for the controversial investigative documentary film, […]

Betsy DeVos Expresses Opposition To Trump’s Bathroom Bill Recision

President Trump overturned a rule put into place by former President Obama that put in place protections for transgender students using the bathroom of their choice. President Obama’s rule allowed the student to use the bathroom that corresponded to their gender identity. This decision by President Trump puts him in opposition with his own Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. DeVos opposed a draft of the order but the Trump administration went ahead with it regardless. Betsy Devos issued a statement after the order was released that she and school officials have a responsibility to protect every student. She also said that students need to have their rights protected in their freedom to learn as well as have a safe and trusted school environment. DeVos went on to say that she has directed her departments Office of Civil rights to continue investigating all claims of bullying, discrimination, and harassment towards vulnerable students. Before the order was signed by Trump, DeVos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions had a meeting with him. In the meeting, DeVos told Trump that they had both publicly promised to protect all students and the order was not in keeping with that. It’s been reported that DeVos will continue to talk about the issue of protecting children is one of her paramount duties as the Secretary of Education. Read more on CNN for more info. Betsy DeVos has a long history of interest in education. Along with her husband, Dick, they formed the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation decades […]

Cotemar Leveraging Technology for Growth

With all of the economic growth in the economy over the past few years in Mexico, companies like Cotemar are looking to leverage technology to facilitate growth in the future. Oil production is higher in Mexico than it has ever been, and this means that oil suppliers like Cotemar are in a great position to succeed. The great thing about this company is that it has a strong balance sheet. Unlike a lot of oil producing companies, Cotemar does not have a lot of debt on the balance sheet. This means that the company can invest a huge portion of the cash flow that comes in to grow the technology base of the business. Over time, Cotemar is the type of company that is going to drive growth in the business.   The Importance of Technology   In the energy industry, technology is vital to maintaining growth in the future. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are taking place in this area. Not only does the company truly care about customers, but it also cares about the environment. This is evident in the way the company invests to build their technology base up. If you are ready to start working with a company that cares about the local area, this is the company for you. If oil companies can continue to drill oil for less money and environmental impact, this is the perfect way for the industry to grow without negatively impacting others. […]

Ricardo Tosto: Factors You Need to Consider When Selecting a Good Lawyer

When hiring a lawyer, you need to do some research before you can dial that number and give them a case to represent you. The lawyer you choose will determine whether you win a case or not. There are so many licensed lawyers in the market but that does not mean that they have the same capabilities. Brazil in particular, is known to have a very high number of lawyers, in 2010 there were over 600,00 attorneys in the country. When trying to get yourself a great one, it is easy to get intimidated. But with the following tips, you can easily get a great lawyer to represent you. Experience When you are hiring a lawyer, you need to get someone who has experience. You need someone who has handled other clients, clients with the same concerns as you and their success rate should be really high. So be sure to ask the number of years that your lawyer has been working in the area that you are seeking representation. Affordability Affordability is a key factor to look in a lawyer. You need a lawyer who can work within your budget. If you are a company and a big sized one for that matter, you will need a big-time lawyer. They will have the contacts and the know-how to handle you. But whilst you are at it, you need not get yourself the cheapest lawyer around. You can’t risk cheap quality services. About Ricardo Tosto If you are looking for […]

Whitney Wolfe’s Dating App Gives Women an Advantage

These days, apps for almost everything have been developed. This includes dating, whereby there are varieties of mobile based applications. With the availability of these apps, dating has been made easy and efficient. Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble app with the aim of giving women an advantage of initiating the talk first. Benefits of Using Dating Apps Niche based apps- some of the apps available in the market are niche based. For instance, if you like guys with beards, there is an app that is specifically for that. Time saver- with dating app available on smartphones and tablets, they offer a lot of flexibility to people with tight schedules. Other individuals who benefit a lot from these apps are the introverts and those who work from home. These people have no time to move out and mingle with others making dating a bit challenging. Full control of what you want- if you consider an app like Bumble, by Whitney Wolfe, women have been given authority to pick the guy they want. There are other apps where men are given priority. With such apps, one has full control to be with a person who meets their standards. Easy to vet people before meeting- you can use the information one provides on their profile to know their likes and shared photos. Doing this saves you time and helps cut the chase. By using of dating apps, many people have found love and long lasting relationships. The apps have also provided an excellent platform […]

Receives Investment Grade Ratings

NexBank Capital, Inc. is one of the most prominent fully integrated companies dealing in finance. The company has worked to develop a working portfolio that has the inclusion of the short-term and long-term ratings in debt of K3, and the Better Business Bureau based in Dallas, Texas. The Better Business Bureau assigned Nexbank a score in a long-term manner. For the short-term method, NexBank Capital, Inc. was also rated by K2 for the number of deposits that were made. According to the company, this was an announcement which was made to reflect the capability of the company to develop its portfolio. For NexBank Capital, Inc., they consider the ratings applied by the Kroll Bond Rating Agency as sustainable and fulfilling. The strong capital levels of NexBank Capital, Inc. are generated through the liquid profile and the metrics earnings that were supported by the ratings. According to the company, this announcement has a clear reflection on the increased growth of the company to match the renewed capability in the market. For this reason, the team of professionals working at the company has a strong focus on the professionals and management strength of the company in a manner which is unparalleled in the industry. NexBank Capital, Inc. also has a focus on the sound practices that achieve success in any bank through finance. John Holt is the chairman of the NexBank SSB Board and the President of NexBank Capital, Inc. While the company works to maintain its working portfolio, it has developed […]